About Caroline Werner


Caroline Werner lives and works in New York City. Caroline was born in Marianna, Florida and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She has been making art her whole life. She works with a variety of media, including layered transparency photos, oil and acrylic works, handmade stamps, maps, silkscreens, ink drawings, photographs, and metal furniture.  Her focus is oil-based mixed media work, which often incorporates shellac, newsprint, found objects, white-out, and stamps.  These works take the form of both works on canvas and visual journals. 

Caroline Werner has shown at venues including Chinatown Soup, Greenpoint Gallery, Subject LES, the Muroff-Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, ConArtist, and Sunita Bar.  

The pieces in this gallery are selected works from the last fifteen years.  They are inspired by world news, text, NYC, and the urban American South.